dancing queen.

wiley wears:

top: uo
jean shorts: red engine (d.i.y)
tight: uo
knee socks: target
boots: uo
     so here it is....my silent disco ensemble.  let me break down the idea of the 'silent disco'.  you go to a bar, its oddly silent, there are two djs both playing that can only be heard through the pair of headphones you are given. the headphones have two channels, so that you are able to pick which dj you want to listen to.  so it looks really cool because everyone is dancing to different music and when you take your headphones off you can't hear the music but everyone is still moving.  craziness.  obviously i had to wear something funky and fun.  i went for the red tights i can't stop wearing and wore my jean shorts on top.  with some knee socks and boots it was really warm for a cold cold night in boston.  i bought this top years ago and we have a love-hate relationship.  the vintage-looking patterns and colors make it interesting, but without the right bottoms, it can make the wearer look retty large.  i have to admit though, for twirling and dancing it was just perfect.  

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  1. Classy as always, Brooke! Thanks for coming out.

    Your readers might be interested in checking out the Silent Disco Boston Network at http://www.silentstorm.me :)

    Dance on!