miss bliss.

wiley wears:

dress: 1970s vintage
tights: target
belt: h&m
boots: target
     today was one of the best days i have had in a long while.  my beautiful friends, ali and hannah, spent the day with me; from snacks and wine at bouchee to a lovely trunk show in the back bay (more to come on this next post).  i found this dress days ago and was immediately taken with its vibrant color scheme and versatility.  as i walked out of our bedroom, to show jeb my newest love, he quickly responded to my fashion show with, "you look just like miss bliss."  wow, i thought, my boyfriend is comparing me to haley mills' dowdy teacher role on the earliest of earliest 'saved by the bell' episodes.  in my typical fashion, i took this as a compliment and walked away.  and as i walked through the city all day i fell deeper and deeper into love with this silk beauty.  i wanted to highlight the teal stripes running throughout the dress with my vibrantly teal opaque tights.  throw in a camel braided belt and some suede camel western boots, and i think i found myself in the perfect outfit for a sunday on the town with my fabulous friends.
in other news...stay tuned for tomorrow night's 'wiley wears' post, because i made one of my most exciting vintage purchases in years.  obviously, not capable of waiting more than a day to wear this new beauty.  oh, oh, oh...it's too amazing!

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  1. that's a great color on you! I especially like the dress paired with those tights, miss bliss.