gaga over gamine.


wiley wear:

shirt: gap (gift)
skirt: delias
tights: uo (gift)
necklace: gift from caroline
shoes: thom browne
     my entire outfit today, almost, was my birthday gift from caroline of poppy and leo.  she is the sweetest friend and knew that i had been dreaming of an outfit made for a gamine like audrey,  with a nautical, breton style striped shirt and my beloved red tights i felt like i should be dancing in 'funny face.'  i added a comfy pair of black flats and a thick golden wool coat and headed off for a day at the office.  i knew it was important to get one more day of tights and flats in before we get pummeled with a snowstorm tomorrow. (which i must admit i am very excited for).  i cannot end this entry before talking a bit about the necklace caroline gave me with all my other gifts (she completely spoils me).  since the red tights and sriped shirt border on nautical, care thought this the perfect addition.  it was packaged in such an adorable way, with a tag that read 'you are the only one who can hold me down'.  so cute, although i would never hold caroline down, i am much bigger, so it wouldn't be fair.  so without further ado, i love you caroline. you are an amazing friend and i love you more than life itself.
    and for my readers, if you aren't already a reader of poppy and leo, start today. it's adorable and everything wonderful and beautiful about caroline all rolled up into a blog.

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  1. you're the best. i love you. and your outfit is simply amazing, man i know you so well ;)