i'm just too far from where you are.

wiley wears:

tee: splendid
skirt: gap
cardigan: uo
tights: ae
boots: thom browne
     i realized after uploading my photos that the only acceptable ones were the ones where i am not looking directly at the camera.  mostly because i got the bad news that winter weather is going to hit philadelphia just as my little sister was supposed to be traveling up to visit me.  after getting this news i wallowed in self-pity for awhile and cried to my mom on the phone. (geez i'm a baby.)  since i am so very homesick i am hoping that the weathermen are wrong and that paige will make it here on friday.  regardless, peach, jenni and mom...i love you guys to the moon and back!
   onto more fashion blog related things; my outfit.  i wanted something bright today and i liked the idea of finding another brightly patterned spring skirt to wear over tighst.  this skirt has always been a favorite.  the dyed pattern is watered down in certain places and bleeds into some other shades which i love.  i found this great ballerina top in a similar purple and toned it down for the office by adding dark gray tights and a cardigan.  i think this whole week will need to be a colorful occasion since boston has a forecast for dark skies, rain and snow until next monday.

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  1. This looks fantastic on you! That skirt is just so flattering .. and springy, too!