kind of wild wiley.


wiley wears:

top: vintage levis
mini: american apparel
tights: h&m
boots: thrifted
     i am really in love with this outfit!  i know, i know....if my doctor saw me outside without a coat on, she would have a fit, but i promise, i was only there for three minutes.  i wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to run around in, since jeb and i were in for some much needed errand-running.  we bought fresh flowers, picked up dry cleaning, and had a delicious lunch.  needless to say, i am now exhausted and headed to bed for a long afternoon nap as soon as this post is done.  i just wore this shirt to work last week and love how versatile it is.  i think since i had been searching for this exact shirt in all my thrifting trips, now that i have it i have to wear it constantly.  i wore my thickest and warmest tights with my favorite black mini skirt and decided to tied the shirt at the waist so it didn't have a boxy look.  i thought the whole look was vibrant and a bit wild...perfect for a saturday out.

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