style scout: color combinations.

3. maroon, orange, kelly green.

     in all honesty, part of me has missed having this space.  it feels great to have left behind the pressures of posting, but my eye keeps catching things that i want to share.   not sure this will be a return to the blog, but i thought i would post a few of the ensembles that have caught my eye. 
     color blocking is obviously very on-trend, and has been for quite awhile, and there are a number of pairings that i think have been done again and again in editorials and on the runway.  above are a few outfits that i thought reinterpreted the color blocking trend.  a pale shade of coral and dark shade of green?  who would have thought?  these pairings have all made me rethink some of my own pieces and i hope they do the same for you.  now is the time to try the partnering of colors you may never have thought to couple before.
what colors do you love together?