let's hear it for winter....or summer?

old man winter:

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brilliant things about the chilliest days of winter:
*family holidays (christmas/thanksgiving/new years)
*snow/snow days (also the way the city is "snow-quiet" after snow begins to fall)
*big down comforters and fleece blankets
*red wine
*white lights (christmas lights or otherwise)
*scented candles in scents like pine, baked apple pie and spiced pumpkin
*scarves...loads of scarves
*being able to cover up all your wobbly parts in sweaters and knits
*cooking hearty meals, like soups and stews and potpies
*museums/galleries/cafes...anywhere warm and cozy
*the way everything looks gray and feels like you're in an old movie
*not feeling guilty about laying inside and watching movies all day
*keeping the heat low and sleeping with loads of warm blankets
*reading in bed
*the amazing feeling of walking outside after being in a sweaty crowded bar
*moisturizing with lots of thick and creamy lotions
*fresh starts in the new year
*cider/egg nog/baileys (cold weather acceptable beverages)
*tea before bed
*tights/knee socks/smartwools
*flannel sheets

sweet lady summer:

fabulous things about the warmest days of summer:
 *roof deck parties at night, bars with roof decks...summer evenings in general…
*sipping cool drinks sitting on restaurant patios
*sleeping in next to nothing, with no covers
*sangria with lots of fruit
*cut-off jean shorts
*gladiator sandals
*outdoor shows, music festivals
*sleeping in a tent
*the beach & sand under your feet
*everything looking better with a sun glow (i.e. tan)
*picnics and BBQs
*thunderstorms and the smell of rain on hot pavement
*fresh cut grass and the smell of it
*laying in the boston common, the garden, and anywhere by the water in the city reading a book
*fresh fruit
*4th of July fireworks
*hot summer romance
*the sound of crickets
*weekend trips out of the city, preferably to anywhere with water
*bonfires on the beach
*extra daylight
*driving in the wrangler with the top down, or in a car with the windows rolled down
*sam adams summer ale
*fresh seafood with lemon
*outdoor sports and activities
*road trips
*farmer’s markets
*everyone in good spirits/down to do anything

     last night one of my bestfriends, jill, and i debated the pros and cons of cold versus hot.  jill loves summer and all the wonderful things that come along with sunshine and heat, while i, on the other hand, have always thought winter to be my favorite season.  we decided the only way to hash out this disagreement was to take five minutes a piece and list all our favorite things about our chosen seasons.  i had such a great time compiling my list, and it forced me to look at these dark and dreary days with a new sense of appreciation.  jill's list of summer favorites caused a bit of yearning, but gave me something sweet and beautiful to look forward to in a few months time.  what we came to realize is that so many of our favorite things about each season have a counterpart in the other; sangria vs baileys, gladiator sandals vs boots, fresh seafood vs hot soups, etc.  i thought it would be nice to put this out there for my readers, to remind you about the wonderful aspects of this season, and of course, to give you inspiration and motivation to work through it for those warmer days ahead.

what is your favorite thing about winter? summer?

p.s. these photos were all courtesy of  the thinking tank.  if you haven't been to pia's site, you should definitely check it out.  she has such an eye for beauty and i truly want to live inside her blog.

p.p.s.  sorry about no 'wily wear' post tonight.  i will set this on a scheduled posting for tomorrow to give you something to look at.  but i promise to post a 'wiley wears' tomorrow night!


  1. I love all the fun things about winter - fireplaces, hot chocolate, thick socks, fun layering of clothes, but I HATE being cold.

    I love summer, I love being outside, going to the beach, going for walks around Boston, but I miss layering.


  2. love this post! i think i love more about the summer than i do the winter. especially road trips, outdoor socializing, sunkissed glow, and so much more!