sepia-toned lovin'


wiley wears:

top: uo
cardigan: uo
cashmere skirt: thrifted
tights: ae
boots: uo
     sorry for today's sepia-toned post.  not sure what caused the yellow lighting, but it goes perfectly with the idea of coloring i had for today.  i really love vintage-inspired shades of red and pink, so this outfit is a perfect combination of those earthy pink colors and vintage floral prints.  with thick knit tights and a soft cashmere skirt i was toasty and comfortable all day long.  realizing that the skirt and shirt were perfect companions was an exciting accident last friday.  i decided to save the outfit for this week, since i could wear my jeans on friday.  i have some exciting outfits planned for the coming birthday celebrations this week.

and for those of you out there who read my blog regularly...start following me with your google reader.  i would love to reach fifty followers by my twenty-fifth birthday and for fellow bloggers, i would love to be able to check out your own pages!


  1. Happy early birthday! I already follow you on google reader :o)

    - Ana

  2. I wore a shirt similar to your today- I love the color!

    Happy early birthday and I am absolutely a follower on google reader. Hope you make it to 50 (which I am totally sure you will)! :)