love equals ernst.

    love equals life
     i walk past this little piece of spray painted art on an almost weekly basis.  most sundays i like to put my ipod on and walk to the grocery store on my own.  i really enjoy having the time to myself, to reflect on the past week, and think about the week coming up. so each week i pass this on the way home and i always stop for a second and smile.  the scenery is by no means beautiful and even the spray paint is not done very well, but the message make you immediately forget all of that.  today i decided to stop, put down my groceries, and snap a quick photo.
   on today's occasion, as i walked by, my ipod began playing explosions in the sky's "your hand in mine."  this song always makes me think of jeb and everything i love about him, so i thought it was a sign that it played at the same moment i came across these words.  in the end it's really all that matters.
  so speaking of love.....introducing our new love, ernst:

he is so sweet and affectionate.  i have spent most of my weekend curled up on the sofa with him.
oh, will it be hard to go to work tomorrow.

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