skinny love.


wiley wears:

blazer: uo
dress: uo
tights: uo
belt: uo
boots: thom browne
    thank the lord my boots were not from urban outfitters, otherwise i would have thought i had a problem. i do love urban and i often tend to throw together outfits comprised of pieces from multiple years and seasons.  this outfit for example is a summer dress from two years ago paired with my "miami vice" blazer from this winter.  isn't it just so miami vice?  i roll the sleeves to heighten the 80s feel.  unfortunately this outfit was not as warm as i had imagined it this morning.  the dress is quite thin and paired over non-wool tights, it just did not do the trick.  lesson learned.  tomorrow is my last day of work for the week before jeb and i head to lake winnipesaukee for the weekend.  we are spending friday shopping in the town (they have an amazing general store) and then head to the amazing inn for the rest of the weekend for our great friends' wedding.  i have some very exciting outfits all laid out to get me pysched for this weekend away!  luckily the hotel has wi-fi, so i should be able to keep my 'wiley wears' posts happening throughout the weekend's events.  fingers crossed.
p.s. if you haven't yet listened to bon iver...listen!
and if you listen, listen to "skinny love."  i am obsessed!

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  1. you look so lovely here, i am so jealous of your curls! and how funny that you studied in that park in the north end, maybe i'll see you over there in the springtime!