i can use a tripod! a miracle!


wiley wears:

cardigan: uo
tee: splendid
skirt: gap
tights: uo
boots: thom browne
     today was one of those days where i put a couple of pieces that make me feel warm and comfortable together and, although pretty basic, i thought the outfit worked out just swell.  the skirt a purchase i made a number of summers ago.  it is reversible, which is something i am crazy about in clothing.  i liked that during the day the light blue patterned side of the skirt peaked out from beneath the olive, felt like i was wearing a slip, but more office-appropriate.
     since the beginning of this year i have to admit i have felt a bit in a fashion-funk.  this weekend i am looking forward to doing some editing of my closet and putting together new outfits for the upcoming weeks.  i need to start a new phase in the new year.  i want to be able to find new and exciting ways to rework some of my old favorites.  it's also always nice to find those pieces that have been pushed to the back of the closet...the ones you totally forgot you completely adored! 
   in exciting news, this weekend jeb and i are welcoming a new member to our family....we are adopting a cat!  i believe his name will be ernst and we drive to connecticut on saturday morning to pick him up. he is half maine coon cat and half norwegian forest cat....very exotic!  i am beyond excited and cannot wait to share pictures of the new addition!!


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition :)

  2. it looks like you went shopping in my closet of neutrals :)

  3. these photos are lovely! you are cute as a button. and its always nice to see other fashionable bloggers from boston! i'm glad i found you, and hey thanks for the book reccomendations! i have read blindness (loved it) and i'm excited to get marching powder now <3
    ps: im following you now!

  4. I really like this outfit on you and the shades and layers of gray! I was also so happy to hear that you got a cat! I grew up with them but my entire in-law family is allergic so I haven't had one now for some time! I envy you!