wiley wears:
dress: uo
pashmina: h&m
tights: h&m
boots: barneys
 my goal for the morning was to put on something colorful...instead, i rediscovered this gray wool dress in the back of my closest and just had to wear it.  it is so perfectly tailored for me and the combination of a comforting and warm fabric with a shape that flatters my figure makes it one of my old favorites.  i have had this dress since freshman year of college, but the classic lines and fit make it something that i know i will have in my closet for a lifetime.  i wanted to have one piece today that went along with my hopes of being colorful.  so i incorporated this pashmina into my ensemble and i think it worked well to give a tiny burst of color to an otherwise gray outfit.  i promise tomorrow will actually be a colorful day!


  1. So cute! I love your boots!