another chance to get it right.


wiley wears:

silk dress: bcbg
wrap: yasuko kurisaka
belt: uo
tights: target
boots: jeffrey campbell
     did anyone else find today less than appealing?  i was recently told that today is considered the most depressing day of the year by most americans.  i cannot say i disagree.  getting back into the grind of work after a relaxing break is always difficult, but this time of year i think the weather and the lack of upcoming holidays makes it even worse.  i wanted to spend my day focusing on how i am going to make twenty-ten my best year yet.  i turn twenty-five in a few weeks and figured this is a better time than any to make some proactive changes in my life.  i have hit quarter-life and i plan on living a happy and honest life to the best of my ability.  i'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about everyone's so-called "resolutions," but with the combination of a new year and my twenty-fifth year i think now is a better time than any for me to vent mine to the world.  for all of you who know me well, please help keep me honest...
  • do more yoga.
  • no more caffeine.
  • no shopping (unless thrift or vintage).
  • and the most important, view my life with a positive outlook. anything i set my heart on i can achieve.
    so now enough babbling about my hopes for 2010....and on with wiley wears.  i think my choice of colors may have had to do with my negative outlook on the day.  i love this yasuko kurisaka wrap, even if its only shades are blacks and browns.  i found it at a vintage store and it had such a 70's vibe that i had to have it.  the wrap is an awkward shape, very loose in the arms, with a pocket on only one side.  i decided to belt the wrap over a silk dress to add a softer touch to the somewhat harsh pattern of the wrap.  i loved the way the contrast worked together and it was a bright spot to an otherwise dreary monday.
i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2010 is filled with positivity and joy!

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  1. Hey Chickie:

    I've been following your blog with smiles since you started and was inspired to leave a comment on this post, largely because my 25th year was incredibly monumental for me ... and I LOVE that you are committed to kicking 2010 and your 25th year off in a solid upward direction. Here's wishing you all you hope for this year - as well as peace, love and laughter.

    Keep on blogging,