wily wiley's rockin' new years eve.


wiley wears:

dress: madewell
tights: uo
shoes: uo
necklace: anthropologie
   last night's new years eve bash was a great time.  i was sad to not be spending the evening in philadelphia with a lot of people i love, but it was awesome to be in boston with a bunch of great friends.  it was also my bestfriend jill's birthday at midnight so we doubly celebrated.  i was so excited about finding this dress at madewell.  it is the sofest lilac silk and its simplicity made it fun to dress up.  the necklace and tights worked really well juxtaposed against the basic dress.  the headpiece was a last minute addition that made me feel like a character straight out of an f. scott fitzgerald novel.
     this morning a group of us straglers got together to have a giant and delicious.  we also managed to finish off some of last nights left over alcohol, always a plus on new years day.  below is a picture of the breakfast club this morning...all looking a bit haggard i might say, but patriotic none the less.


  1. Cute New Years outfit! Glad you had a fun night!

  2. You looked beautiful. We missed you though :)
    Love you.

  3. love the tights and the shoes! :)