a bit of inspiration.

abby try again

all of these photographs are available in abby try again's shop
     abby lives in portland, oregon and takes some of the most gorgeous photos!  my friend caroline at poppy and leo introduced me to abby's work a few months ago and i have not been able to stop swooning over it.  i especially love her photographs of textiles.  the top photo is one that is on my birthday wishlist!  i love the way these photographs inspire me to focus on new color palettes and i cannot help but wish i were a part of abby's world where slips, lace and ruffles are an every day occurrence.  abby has inspired me to wear something ladylike and lacy tomorrow.  please go check out all the fabulous photographs in her store!


  1. Those are gorgeous photos!! I hate being so restricted by work-appropriate attire!


  2. update: i was just gifted the first photo in this post from my fabulous and amazingly kind friend tessa. it was framed and hanging on the wall wihin moments.