work the work wear.

wiley wears:

cardigan: hand-me-down from caroline
button up: target
khakis: gap
tights: uo
shoes: tjmaxx
     i have to admit that i never thought i would find myself spending my days in an office, much less in an office with a pretty classy dress code.  it may not be the dress code, but more the fact that i work with some classy and polished people.  i find myself struggling to fit the mold to some extent while staying true to my own personal style.  it has been a challenge and a struggle to figure out a way to juxtapose my creativity and funky style with a professional office dress code.  today i tried to push the envelope a bit with an outfit that's basics were all preppy to the max.  i rolled the cuffs of my khakis up just a bit to reveal some lacy brown tights and then added my favorite suede heeled oxfords.  i also tried to play around with the neckline of my button up.  i recently saw in a j.crew catalog a beautiful model with a gorgeous bib necklace fastened over the top button of her collar; so today i gave that a try.  it really is a way to spice up a normal everyday button up.  i think i have realized that dress pants are the most difficult to add a stylish flare to.  i would love to hear some ideas from any of you fashionable beings out there.