look at nighttime me.

wiley wears:

cardigan: j.crew
tank: guess
skirt: alloy
scarf: vintage (was my great grandmother's)
tights: h&m
boots: thrifted
  tonight i went to see ryan montbleau with jeb and his sister keen.  we had a really great time.  ryan montbleau is an awesome musician and it made monday something worth looking forward to.  i needed an outfit that could easily go from the office to a night out, so i chose a skirt with some body and a bright colored cardigan.  originally i wanted to wear the scarf in a tie-like fashion, attached to my sweater (as seen in the latest anthropologie catalog) but it was not working the way i wanted in the wee hours of the morning, so i threw it around my neck and called it a day.  i ended up really liking the look.  i felt like i was going to the sock hop, but in a more modern way.  i hope everyone is having a good beginning of the week.  only a couple of days to go...

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