wish you were here.


wiley wears:

sweater: old navy
tee: american apparel
belt: vintage
corduroys: j.crew
boots: payless
   this has to be a quick post.  laying in our beautiful hotel room before we head off to the rehearsal dinner.  today jeb and i had an amazing lunch (i had some lobster mac n' cheese, my absolute favorite) and then we shopped around this little new england town.  we went to a huge country store and bought a bunch of pointless things we loved but don't need.  we thought this woodstack was the perfect backdrop for today's ensemble.  these j.crew ankle cords are new item in my wardrobe and cost me fourteen dollars! i am smitten over this color and love pairing them with ankle boots.  i threw on my thickest sweater thinking it would make me look more fit for the country conditions.  so now off for some fun...although i may have to quickly drive to this little vintage shop i saw on the way in first.

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  1. Ahh, I love lobster mac and cheese too. Have you ever been to Fat Cats in Quincy? They make and amazing lobster mac and cheese.

    Adorable outfit! That sweater looks so cozy and I love it with the mustard cords.

    Hope you have a great wkend!