i hope you voted, massachusetts.


wiley wears:

dress worn as top: madewell
skirt: gap
cardigan: j.crew
scarf: free people
tights: uo
boots: thom browne
    today was my monday, and on top of that, it was snowing/raining/wintry mixing all day.  needless to say it was difficult to wake up, difficult to get out the door, and even harder to sit behind a computer all day.  i loved this dress as a top, because the lilac silk immediately reminded me of blouses my mom wore in the 80s.  i bloused the top over the khaki skirt and added my free people scarf to pull together the lilac of the top and navy of the cardigan.  so tomorrow is already wednesday, which feels quite amazing, but i have to admit that i already wish it was friday.  i hope that all of you are having a great week.  i am off to cuddle ernst on the sofa and watch this politically race.  fingers crossed.

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