hello moto.


wiley wears:

sweater: kensie
tank: american apparel
skirt: zara
belt: vintage
tights: target
boots: thrifted
     today i wanted to wear something layered; warmth being of the highest importance.  this kensie sweater is perfect for a bone-chilling day like today, it is large and soft and it's nude shade goes with just about anything.  i wanted to put it over an all black outfit to lighten up my look and keep it from looking too dark.  i cinched my favorite vintage beaded belt around the waist, to keep the sweater from looking shapeless and decided to wear my old thrifted moto boots.  i saw these boots and immediately fell in love.  they were my first foray in wearing second-hand shoes, which is something i never thought i would do.  as time has gone by i have realized that shoes are some of the best finds in thrift and vintage stores.  these boots looked to have only been worn once or twice!  i am in the market for a pair of vintage brown, black or gray oxfords.  if anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them!


  1. There's nothing quite like the thrill of discovering barely-worn, just perfect thrifted boots, is there? I have a pair of vintage Frye boots that I scored for $10 at a thrift store in Illinois. I'm obsessed!

    I'm so glad I've found your blog! It's adorable, and you've got enviable style. Feel free to stop by my site, Ip & Audrey, and enter my handbag giveaway. :)

  2. This is a great outfit, I love it! It looks perfect for the the office :o) It's fun to see what other people in Boston are doing!


  3. that looks so warm. I hate it when I go places (like work) and it's cold. They are so anal about the temperature there.

  4. I love this outfit and especially your boots.
    My favorite thing though is you hair :)

  5. Love that sweater, you look so warm and cozy! Your hair looks amazing like that too!!!



  6. I love the details of this outfit, the braided hair, the pocket on the boots, the drape of the sweater, the skinny belt. Very nice and well put together ensemble!