interwebs inspiration.

     i haven't done this for quite awhile, but i always love to share some favorite blogger outfits that have recently inspired me.  once the coldest months of winter hit, getting dressed each morning gets a bit harder.  the five ladies i found inspiring this week are all working with layers, textures and rich colors that make winter dressing a simpler equation.
1. i love the mix of patterns and textures with coury's shorts and long cardigan.
2.  dylana's vintage aztec sweater and skinny black cargos are a perfect go-to combination.
3.  julie's flawlessly pairs a thick over-sized sweater and lacy top.  (and the color of that sweater, ugh, enviable.)
4. tania gives me new ideas on how to wear my favorite gray lace skirt.  a simple belt completely changes the way it looks.  (in unrelated things, tania is getting her master's in british lit, just like i did.  super cool.)
5.  one of my favorite boston ladies, kennedy looks killer in multiple pieces with lots of volume.  that yellow vintage jacket is just the icing on the cake.
just a few looks i've been inspired by...
happy saturday!

{images found here.}

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