bohemian chic.*

wiley wears:

top: gap
skirt: ben sherman
tights: chinese laundry
boots: uo
     our indoor photo shoots just keep getting funnier and funnier.  jeb and i spend most of the time battling to keep ernst out of the photos and the other half of the time laughing at how ridiculously unphotogenic i can be at times. (believe me folks, there are some true bloopers from this set.)  regardless, i love this outfit.  i have worn this ensemble, almost exactly, a time or two before, but each time i put it on i just feel completely like myself.  this tiered ben sherman skirt is so flattering and pairs so well with almost anything and my bright patterned tunic always makes me smile.  just a happy day, i guess.

*thanks to candice for today's title.


  1. Great shirt!! xx


  2. How I love paisley :) Don't worry, for every 20 horrible photos of me I'm lucky if I manage to get ONE usable one!

    You look great in the ones you've chosen (:


  3. Nice tree! I bet Ernst attacks that thing before Christmas.