here's my plea.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage dvf
tights: macy's
boots: jeffrey campbell
hairpins: heart of light
    sorry for the quality of these shots.  indoor shots get so difficult in the cold months.  it is impossible to get home before the sun has already set and i am getting desperate to think of creative ways to do my shots in the coming months.  i would love to hear some ideas from my fellow bloggers out there.
    today i went with the can't-go-wrong vintage dvf wrap dress and my beloved leaher boots.  not a whole lot to say since you've already seen this outfit a few times.  but today's post is mainly proof of my horrific indoor shots and a plea for help in my future indoor endeavors.


  1. I'm completely with you on your outfit photo situation. I've been relying on weekend photos and mixing up my content a bit. I wish there was a good solution, but there aren't any interesting places inside my house for photos, and since I mostly do tripod shots I think I would be the world's weirdest person were I to use indoor venues other than my house for photos! If you get any good suggestions make sure to tweet them for the rest of us! That said, I love your wrap dress! It's truly a stand out, even if the photos aren't exactly how you wanted them.

  2. I hear ya. Indoor lighting seems to be the most difficult... I've heard using just a desk lamp covered with white paper creates a good soft lighting... hoping to try, I'll report back!

  3. I love love love this dress and I am determined to own my first dvf dress! Love you brooke and miss you too!