a second thanksgiving.

wiley wears:

sweater: thrifted
shorts: old navy
tights: target
brogues: miss me
     this was what i wore to my second thankgiving celebration in pennsylvania.  very important to fit in a visit with both of my giant families.  this one involved lots of shuffle board, dominos and far too much dessert.  the temperatures had dropped so i went with shorts and tights.  these lightweight shorts are perfect over thick sweater tights and i absolutely love playing with the schoolgirl look.  bring on the cardigan and brogues and the look is complete without being over the top.  i have to thank my sister paige for making sense of this look.  she can be a fashion maven when she wants to.  
     well my friends, gossip girl is calling...


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  3. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! It is so flattering on you!!