my annual trip to the drycleaner.

wiley wears:

dress: bcbg
belt: vintage
tights: uo
boots: uo
    somedays the outfits don't photograph as well as i would like, but i swear, this outfit looked kick ass.  this silk dress had been piled on the 'needs to be drycleaned, c'mon brooke, it's been six months now' pile.  i finally got it drycleaned and then struggled with a new way to wear it.  in the past i've usually worn it with black accessories, tights and boots, but last night i brainstormed new ways to bring some color to this very neutral dress.  i thought this blue suede belt i found at the sowa market might be the perfect color to pull into the dress.  with a pair of funky tights in a similar shade of blue and my winter suede boots i thought the outfit came together quite well.


  1. Wiley,
    I love this belt. Where do you find your vintage stuff??


  2. I can totally see what you were thinking when you put this together, wish the lighting was natural though then you could really tell the blue of the belt. :)

    But the dress is gorgeous and so is the outfit.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: I would love for us to stay in touch if you would not mind, I can be found on blogger/ bloglovin, twitter/ FB.