kind of like...

wiley wears:

skirt: american apparel
tee: lux
sweatshirt: madewell
tights: h&m
circle scarf: american apparel
boots: vintage
sunnies: rayban
     thanks for bearing with me over the past few days.  i am coming to the realization that the holidays are actually here, and that my blog could possibly suffer because of all the directions i am currently being pulled in.  the holiday season gets difficult when i have so much to do and so many great outfits to photograph and blog about.  this year, my goal is to get as much blog content as is possible while still enjoying the time i get to spend with the people i love.  balance, balance, balance.
      sorry for the blabber, but here goes today's outfit.  i love everything about it and nothing anyone could say could change my mind.  i wish i had thought to photograph it with my bomber on later in the day, because that added a whole other element i loved, but regardless....we shall go on.  this blue chiffon skirt is a new addition to my closet.  i abosolute love it and can already see twenty different was of wearing it.  i decided to break it out for a saturday of running around and paired it with my cropped cotton sweatshirt and vintage moto boots.  i loved the way the boots and sweatshirt really made the flowy feminine skirt pop.  kind of like a badass princess.

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