party underneath.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
bomber: target
belt: h&m
tights: uo
socks: target
boots: uo
     i really loved how fun and playful this sunday ensemble was.  it was perfect for kicking around in the leaves and relaxing on a gorgeous fall day.  there was quite a chill in the air so i knew tights were a must, even though this dress falls far over the tops of my boots.  i decided a crazy layering of tights and kneesocks would be fun, and hey, since you can't really see them i was the only one who knew. (well me and jeb, since i was constantly dancing around to show off my sweet tight/sock combo.)  this dress brings a smile to my face each time i put it on and i have to admit, it is pretty hard to take yourself seriously when you look in the mirror at this little number.  belting is a must to break up some of the wild pattern and my bomber kept me warm between errands.
     jeb and i are headed to pennsylvania after work tomorrow and i am beyond excited!  a few days of food, family and ridiculous fun.  much needed.  i won't have a 'wiley wears' post until thursday, but i do have a great 'wily wiley reads' post coming tomorrow afternoon.  stay tuned!

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  1. Love this outfit! I would totally live in it. :) You can't go wrong with florals, boots and a bomber!