style spotlight: velvet.

for me, velvet feels like the most nostalgic fabric out there.  all of the sudden this year it is coming back on trend and i love seeing all of the updated velvet offerings.  i have to admit that a lot of the velvet pieces i have been seeing remind me of things i once owned in much smaller sizes as a much younger person.  for winter i think there is nothing more luxurious and festive than a great jewel-tone velvet frock.  i have recently been on watch for a pair of velvet pants which i think would be the perfect answer to holiday parties.  (oh, how i long for the maroon velvet pants i wore in seventh grade!)  funny how things come back around.

what are your feelings on velvet?
still haunted from your youth?

{images via weheartit}


  1. oooooh velvet pants! I think you've got me on a new fall craving...

  2. Going to the Downtown Crossing Swap??

  3. I love that velvet is making a comeback and it totally does make me think of the holiday dresses my parents put me in as a kid. Great pictures!!

  4. I love velvet and am glad it is back. I am going to dig up my dark colored velvet shirts that I enjoy layering with colored shells underneath.