happy valentine's day.

wiley wears:

dress: h&m
blazer: gap
pashmina: h&m
tights: h&m
boots: swapday gift from jen
     i hope everyone is having a special day today.    it's not hard to have a good day when you eat donuts for breakfast, wear a bright pink dress and have three great valentines; boyfriend, mom and cat.  jeb and i celebrated a bit this weekend and tonight we looked forward to a quiet night in, good food and exchanging our valentines.  nothing better than a few sweet words.
    of course i had to wear pink today.  it wouldn't feel like valentine's day otherwise.  my houndstooth blazer and black tights and boots anchored all the bright colors of the dress and the pashmina.  i promised color this week and today is only day one of my supersized week of color.


  1. Yeah! Color! You look great. And, festive too. More...more...more..

  2. very cute look! love that you have three valentines. i feel the same way with nick, my mama and my kitty too!

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