grey gardens.

wiley wears:

tunic, boots and sweater: uo
jeans: bdg
scarf: american apparel
     after a weekend spent traveling from one place to another, staying up far too late and eating much too much delcious food, today was spent getting back to real life things.  jeb and i had an afternoon laundromat and pizza date and did about five loads of wash and now i'm just focusing on getting prepped for the week ahead.  the day called for comfort.  i love the way these circle scarfs from american apparel add so much to a simple outfit.  i've become quite addicted and need to stop buying them, but it's just too tempting on these freezing cold days.  all of the pieces i wore today have been in my closet forever.  some days it's nice to go for the old faithful pieces in your closet, and today was no exception. 
     i've traded in my skinny jeans for a pair of oversized fleece ski pants and i'm prepared for an evening curled on the sofa flipping through magazines and catching some gossip girl.
cheers to a four-day week!


  1. Love that fun top...love the circle scarves, they make everything cozier!

  2. Love leopard print, it's my favorite and I think it looks amazing on you. I like how you styled this look. Following you now, follow me back?

  3. Hey! I have that shirt! Urban Outfitters, in case you didn't know :) Love you babe!

  4. I love this outfit! You look so cute!