cable knit.

      this past saturday i wore my newly swapped cable knit sweater, as seen here.  i lived in this cozy cardigan for nearly the whole weekend.  there is something about cable knit that is so comforting and cozy.  it is a staple in my fall and winter wardrobes every year, and this year my goal is to find some amazing thrifted cable knit pieces.  luckily when i trek back home to the country these types of pieces are easy to come by.  lots of flannel and lots of thick knits.  thank you, shoemakersville, pennsylvania!
what's your cold weather staple?

{images via weheartit}


  1. I need me a pair of those cable knit socks!!

  2. it's so cheesy but my cold weather staples are my vintage heather grey leggings. They were my mom's back in the day and are super warm - perfect for layering with comfy dresses and sweaters.