no shoes, no problem.

wiley wears:

skirt worn as dress: vintage
belt: anthroplogie
sunnies: beach shop
     we had such a wonderful weekend away with our friends in new hampshire.  last night we had an insane seafood feast and today we cleaned up what happens after a large group of people eat such masses of incredible food.  we spent the weekend gabbing, eating and boogie boarding.  i have to say that monday is coming far too soon and i think i need a vacation after our vacation.  luckily, jeb and i head back to new hampshire next friday for a much-needed three day weekend with the fam.  
     onto the photos...jill and i went off to the beach and had a bunch of fun prancing around after one or two margaritas.  she was, as always, a fabulous friend and took about fifty photos of me running back and forth.  all in good fun.  this outfit, which i have worn before, was perfect for a day at the beach.  my favorite beaded anthro belt keeps the look from being too country-girl and gives a much needed pop of color.  bare feet were a necessity for the entirety of the weekend. (except for our morning coffee runs, of course. no shoes, no service.)
i hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week.

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  1. Tell Jill if she ever needs another career she should become a photographer...but not with her cell phone...