happy inspiration.

i recently came across this gorgeous set of street style photos from stylesightings.  not sure what it is about this girl, but i am completely smitten with her entire look.  they make me look forward to the winter time when my short bangs come back and cocktail dresses come out.  i kept going back to these images and thought it was high-time that i shared them.  i adore street style blogs and stylesightings is great for whenever i'm lacking sartorial inspiration. 
happy inspiration!


  1. ohhhh i LOVE this look!

    if only i could pull it off, ha!

  2. Hi, two things: 1)I´ve been reading your blog for a while and let me tell that you have given me a lot of inspiration. You are great! and 2) I agree with you, this girl has an amazing style. In case you want to know more about her, she also has a beatiful blog: www.misspandora.fr Greetings from Mexico city!