while i know that many of you "summer people" out there will not like what i have to say here, i'm going to say it anyway.  i love autumn!  and i think we are very very close and these last few days are making me think it is right around the corner.  there are just so many wonderful things about the fall, mostly living in boston.  walks through gorgeous parks, hot apple cider and lots of snuggling up in our candlelit living room.  
what this really means is that i may be getting my short bangs back at the end of next week.  i think i can make it through a week or two of heat with my new bangs and i just cannot wait any longer.

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  1. Ha! I snipped my bangs last month. Humidity be darned!

    I, too, am salivating just thinking of Boston in the fall. Crisp autumn leaves, hanging out at Quincy Marketplace and the Commons, sipping pumpkin spiced lattes from Peet's... I am so excited! I want to pull out all my sweaters and scarves now!

  2. So many things, my favorite season!
    Sweaters, vests, corduroy, scarves, tights, pumpkin beer, boots!!
    I am also looking forward to girl's night outside at shays in down vests!

  3. Yeah for autumn....I'm with you girls, it's my favorite time of the year.