ding dong, the witch is dead.

wiley wears:

anorak: f21
flannel: vintage levi's
vest: l.a. made
jeans: bdg
boots: target
  today caroline, of poppy and leo, went for a little morning jaunt to salem, mass.  we ate a delicious breakfast and then walked around the town, stopping in every vintage and antique shop along the way. we both had some amazing finds, including the gorgeous blue vintage overnight bag care purchased.  i wanted something comfortable for the journey.  my high-waisted jeans and flannel were obvious choices (as you've probably noticed, i wear this shirt a lot).  going with a menswear vibe, i buttoned my navy cotton vest over the flannel and wore my brown anorak for some warmth.
   well this amazing weekend is almost at an end.
so off to spend my evening with my two main men.

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