dream weaver.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: f21
belt: anthropologie
tights: banana republic
boots: jeffrey campbell
     it seems there were no smiles to be found in this group of photos.  well, there were a few, but they were full of those weird/creepy smiles that happen now and then.  i thought i would just stick with my grumpy looking pictures...although, i think i'm "smiling with my eyes" in the first picture. (that's for you paige).  anyway.  this dress has proven to be so incredibly versatile.  it is quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe.  today i wore my new f21 navy cardigan and my beaded wooden belt for some color.  i also wore these awesome tights.  i had never worn them before, and in the package they did not look nearly this cool.  my day started with a smile the moment i put them on and saw the wide argyle pattern.  so that explains my can-can pose in the top photo....just thought you all might want a better look.  
   in other news, i have been having some vivid and intense dreams lately.  i like to look up the meanings of my dreams each morning and it seems like something big is about to change.  i keep wondering what that might be.  who knows though?  maybe a big change will only come because i believe it will.  ugh, and i am babbling.  just something i've been thinking about recently.
off to bed.
sweet dreams my lovely readers.

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  1. There was recently a report released which coined Tyra's phrase "smizing." (Smiling with your eyes) I think practicing in front of the mirror in order to perfect this move is really a great idea. Smizing just may change your life, as well as your photos.