some spring inspiration: part two.

wiley wears:

top: gap
cardigan: j.crew
scarf: h&m
khakis: gap
     it is so much fun in the morning to get dressed in something bright and fun and to have a piece of inspiration to work off of.  in all of the pictures that paige sent me this combination of magenta and yellow was my favorite.  not typically two colors i would pair together, i was a little apprehensive, but i have to say, nature doesn't make mistakes.  the combination of colors was gorgeous and with the pashmina to accent the top and cardigan i think it made sense in the end.  tomorrow i am leaving my color comfort zone and wearing one of the most challenging colors (at least for my pasty skin and freckles).
p.s. jeb took some photos of me cooking our asian stir-fry tonight, hense the second photo.

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