i may be a vampire.


wiley wears:

dress: rohit gandhi-rahul khanna
blazer: vintage donna karen
belt: thrifted
tights: uo
shoes: uo
   i am so pale that i am almost transparent during the day...at least that's what it looks like here.  but luckily this post is all about the dress.  i saw this beauty and thought it would be the best dress for my office holiday party.  we had such an amazing time at foxwoods.  dinner at shrine was incredible...two of my favorite dishes, calamari and lobster rangoon, among about fifteen other dishes.  the food was beyond delicious and we danced the night away and had such a great time.  this silk dress made for some excellent dancing!  it is two layers of silk; the bottom layer is a gorgeous rich navy, while the top layer is a rusty brown.  i love pairing black and brown together; breaking what i once believed to be the ultimate fashion rule.  without the belt the dress is gorgeous and flowing, which i think will be great for warmer weather, but for last night i wanted a cinched waist and for the skirt to really have some body.  the stand-out detail on the dress is the delicately sequined neckline. gold, rust, and gray sequins made the dress feel like the ultimate holiday piece.

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