show me your teeth.


wiley wears::gaga edition:

tank: clara from boutique in buenos aires
sweatshirt: lux
mini: american apparel
tights: jasmine sola
sneakers: converse chuck taylors

     so to make my december 1st the most memorable ever....i went to see LADY GAGA!  and i must say, it was the most incredible show i have ever witnessed; part opera, part art installation, part runway show, etc, etc, etc.  it was honestly the most dramatic and energized performance i have ever seen live.  it was very important to wear something fun, but danceable.  it was after all, an all night gaga dance party.  so i decided on this great tank i found in argentina, with the crazy pattern and ruching at the bottom it made for the perfect bottom layer.  over the tank i wore this awesome sweatshirt with crocheted detailing.  not something i can wear very often,  i love breaking this baby out.  i finished it off with a cotton mini and a pair of jill's chucks.  definitely a great outfit for an amazing night!
(the center picture is jill and i at the show...most likely near the point of hyperventilation.)

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