a bit of a cupcake taste test.


wiley wears:

shirt dress: h&m
blazer: vintage donna karan
tights: target
shoes: uo

     my friend lin was sweet enough to host a few gals for a nice dinner this week.  she made a delicous veggie mac&cheese and we finished it up with plenty of red wine and a delicious cupcake taste test.  lin was also kind enough to do a little photoshoot with me.  we had a great time doing it, and i hope everyone enjoys the pictures!  the last pic is of me and case, lin's fabulous boyfriend.  he was lucky enough to walk in mid-ladies night and got to enjoy all the girly chat and of course, some of the cupcake taste test.


  1. I see that you purchased THE WATCH!!!! :)

  2. Soon those will be my cupcakes lady!!
    Love the pics, but wish I could see the shirt dress better. Looks really cute :)
    Love your sissy :)