a snuggie may have been a more appropriate outfit choice.

wiley wears:

tee: vintage from nana
sweater: gap
cashmere skirt: thrifted white + warren
tights: uo
knee socks: target
boots: urban
     on saturday jeb and i went to his family christmas party.  we had a great time and i was thankful i wore a lot of comfortable clothing since we ate copious amounts of food.  there was also a yankee swap, which is always fun.  although this year i thought i had the super original idea of bringing a snuggie as my swap gift.  i was heartbroken when i realized that two others had brought the same gift!  jeb did some math and 16% of the party guests went home with a snuggie!  too funny.  i wanted to wear lots of layers since it was really chilly outside so i decided on this tee my nana gave me years ago.  its so soft and worn, the perfect combination.  and the piece de resistance, this cashmere skirt i found at the thrift store last weekend.  it is so soft and fits like a glove.  i added some tights and knee socks to pull everything together and make the ensemble winter-proof.
i am home in pennsylvania for the holidays now and loving spending all this time with my family.
i hope everyone is having a great holiday!


  1. You look so adorable!! I love that tee. Oh man, I wish I went to that party- I want a Snuggie so bad! LOL