quite a bit of ground to cover.

wiley wears:
tee: american apparel
blazer: vintage donna karan
scarf: shepard fairey
mini: american apparel
tights: target
shoes: uo
   so this saturday i went to the boston fashion blogger meet-up at luna boston.  it was a fabulous time.  i was able to meet some of the bloggers who have been an inspiration to me and they were all incredibly kind and welcoming.  
  the first picture is caroline of, miracle&wonder and i gabbing, as we did for most of the day.  and as for the second picture, i apologize for the quality (care took it with my phone), but its the only picture i have of the bag i fell in love with!  luna boston had so many great bags, and even set out some of the spring 2010 bags for us to preview.  this rebecca minkoff and i are meant to be  soft blue leather covered with studs in varying metals.  i cannot wait until spring 2010!
thank you so much luna boston and the fabulous hosts of this get-together!

and....as for my great turn of luck....let me present:

i won this sweet vintage patent leather purse at saturday's raffle.
thank you punkystyle!!


  1. Hey! It was so nice to meet you the other day! I had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know fellow bloggers. I have a picture of you that I need to get to you; I'm just a bit behind this week. I'll get it to you soon:)

  2. I love that purse you won!!It´s so cute!