twas the night before christmas.


wiley wears:

romper: anthropologie
cardigan: j.crew
tights: target
shoes: uo
     my christmas eve outfit was one of my favorites of my vacation.  i spent much of my vacation in pajamas and yoga pants.  not usually my thing, but i have to admit that i enjoyed every second of that loungewear.  there is quite a story behind my beloved scottie romper.  my friend kate/my style soulmate was recently visiting boston from seattle when she showed me the romper she found at anthro in seattle.  it was love at first sight for me.  after a week of non-stop thinking about this romper i sent kate a text asking if she would help me locate one of these at a seattle based anthro.  luckily for me, i have one of the most amazing friends and she located what may have been the last unsold scottie romper nationwide.  i received it in the mail on christmas eve and knew that had to be my outfit for the evening.  it was fun, festive and playful, a great combination for a night of games, drinking, eating and conversation.  it may be my most beloved piece of clothing!  i cannot wait to find more opportunities to wear this outfit!  so from the bottom of my heart, this one goes out to you kate fay! xoxo
merry christmas!

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