queen of the rails.


wiley wears:

sweater: j.crew
tee: banana republic
skirt: fresh ink from nomad
tights: uo
boots: jeffrey campbell

   today i wore one of favorite skirts that i haven't worn in a long time.  it always makes me think of a pair of railroad overalls i had as a kid.  and red buttons, really?  nothing gets better than that.  this skirt is from nomad, one of my favorite stores in the boston area.  it is on massachusetts avenue in cambridge, between harvard and porter squares.  if you are in the area and haven't been, go!!  i wanted to make the red buttons pop, so i paired the skirt with a bright red sweater.  add some nude lace tights and my beloved jeffrey campbells, and you've got the perfect outfit for work and/or play.

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