pinky tuscadero.


wiley wears:

top: lux via uo
skirt: ben sherman
cardigan: kensie
tights: uo
boots: uo
earrings: gift from ebi (shake the tree)

    my friend noelle's mom always used to call me pinky tuskadero when i was young because i only wore pink (and i mean every day).  so of course, she became my favorite character during her short run on 'happy days.'  today in the spirit of pinky i wore one of the few pink pieces i still wear today.  my mom got me this ben sherman skirt at one of my favorite boston boutiques, mint julep, a couple of years ago and i have gotten so much wear out of it.  its super soft and the layers make it warm enough for even the most blustery days.
  so today....is ebi's birthday!  i was so sad not to be able to go out tonight for her birthday dinner, but i wanted to make sure she knows how much i love her.  so...happy birthday ebi!  i hope you had a gorgeous day! in honor of ebi's special day i would like to highlight her funky and fabulous foot tats.

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