out of the purse. ready to wear.


wiley wears:

dress: gap
tank: anthropologie
tights: target
boots: target

     after lady gaga i had a slumber party at jill's apartment.  it was important to find something i could stuff in my purse the night before and be able to pull out and put on for work the next day.  this jersey dress from gap could not be more perfect for today.  i pulled it out of my purse ten minutes before leaving the house, threw it on, and its been wrinkle-free and great all day long.  i put a tank and tights on underneath the dress to keep it office-appropriate and threw on my favorite target cowboy boots.  i have been really drawn to this dark green color of this dress the last few weeks.  i guess i am subconsciously getting into the christmas spirit!

1 comment:

  1. Boy your sister must have great taste too, since I was w/ you when you bought that!