wardrobe risks.

wiley wears:

top: patrick robinson for target
cardigan: f21
belt: vintage
skirt: f21
tights: uo
shoes: vintage dexters
    what can i say other than 'i think i'm in love.'   i love this striped skirt, the red tights and caramel colored leather paired together.  i think it's a great combination and my outfit today made me realize some things about my own style.  often times, in the mornings, i'll take one last look in the mirror and question whether my outfit is a bit too quirky.  today i realized that these 'quirky' pieces i wear are usually the ones that get the most compliments and smiles from strangers on the street.  sometimes a little confidence is all it takes to make just about anything look good.  this afternoon a group of teenagers told me they liked my outfit when i was walking to the train.  it absolutely made my day and i was reminded that without my bright red tights they probably wouldn't have even noticed what i was wearing.  it's inspired me to take a few more risks with my daily wardrobe.  believe me, i realize that red tights may not be appropriate every single day, but a day spent behind a desk is a great excuse to add some fun touches. 
      i will be sad to put away my colored tights for the season, since they are some of my favorite colorful touches for basic outfits.  'luckily' it looks like we may get one last snowstorm on friday...so maybe the tights aren't going away so soon.


  1. Wiley! Oh my god! I love this outfit! The drapey sweater! The skirt! The tights! The shoes! My husband was all, "Who's THAT, when I was lokking at your blog, too. So thanks for that :) For reals, GREAT look!


  2. I think you look great in this outfit, and I agree--the red/caramel combo works really well! I sometimes question my look too, especially on a day like today when I'm wearing bright purple tights and a corduroy skirt that might be a smidge too short for the office...but meh. Life's too short.

  3. Bebe I love this look! Even though it is a bit "quirky," you totally make it work. I'm glad you're realizing how important it is to be confident with the choices you make, because about 99.9% of the time your choices rock!