suited up.

wiley wears:

top: banana republic
pants: banana republic
flats: dolce vita
     today's mantra; simple and chic.  this silk top has been a favorite for a long time.  i originally bought it to wear under my traditional black suit.  business suits are so not me, and i knew i needed something that displayed a bit more of my personality under that buttoned-up look.  enter the perfect spotted silk top that gives just a peek into my true fashion sensibilities.  i cannot stress enough how much of a difference a fun top can make under a suit.  you do not have to give up professionalism for style.  a silk top in a bright color, a basic white button-up with a ruffled collar or a patterned blouse in a luxurious fabric are all great ways to spice up you typical suit.
   okay, so tangent completed.  i wore my silk patterned top today with a simple pair of tailored black pants and pointy black flats.  a great look that was professional and effortlessly chic.

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  1. awesome top. it looks like it's super comfortable, too - always double plus good