tad too tangential?

wiley wears:

top: anthropologie
seersucker trousers: lux
t-straps: uo
silk scarf: great grandmother's
     a few days ago i read a quote in a heartbreaking work of staggering genius that i thought was incredibly relevant to the way i have been feeling of late.  a character in the novel says, "Every day we start with a fresh world--or, better yet, each day we start with this world, the one we know, and by nine, ten a.m., we've destroyed it."  lately i wake up feeling positive and ready to take on my 'fresh world' and by early afternoon my spirits are broken by one thing or another.  after reading this i found myself more aware of how i was letting the attitudes and words of others change the way i feel about myself and my world.  so my new goal is to stay in my own little bubble.  does this all sound really silly?  probably.  but i am okay with that because it has really been working.  a positive mindset really does overpower the negativity of the world around you.  just a hint.
     onto more relevant things like my outfit today.  after i mentioned that i felt very preppy yesterday i was reminded of, quite possibly, my preppiest piece of clothing; these seersucker wide-legged trousers.  i felt ready to jump on a sail boat and float off into the harbor.  i wanted to add a feminine touch, and thought this basic black tee with ruffled shoulders was a great compliment to the pants.  this silk scarf was my great grandmothers and i am enamored with the pattern and the colors.  who knew lime green was being worn way back in the day?
sorry if i went off on a tangent.  i just want everyone to be reminded how important it is to surround yourself with positive people.  i am so thankful to have amazing friends, family and the best boyfriend in the whole world.  so thanks guys.


  1. Love you so much! Can't wait to do a Phillies/Red Sox Post:)

    I love, love, love these pants...your whole outfit is fabulous as per usual!

  2. Stay positive and yes. surround yourself with positive people. You have inspired my on this rainy day. I love reading your fashion notes first thing in the morning. Karen

  3. you my dear are amazing! staying positive will bring great things!