i'm on a boat.

wiley wears:

shortalls: thrifted and diy thanks to lulu letty
tee: stolen from jeb
handkerchief: stolen from jeb
belt: uo
sneakers: keds
     unfortunately the boat is still on land and i forgot my flippy-floppys and nautical themed pashmina afghan.  jeb and i spent our saturday working on our friend's new boat.  ryan is completely insane and recently purchased a 50 ft. yacht on which is is doing a complete overhaul.  you can follow ryan's adventures in boat ownership on his blog, motor my boat.  it was a really fun day; some hard labor and the best subs on the planet.  i couldn't spend my day on a boat without the appropriate outfit for the job.  i recently saw that maria, from lulu letty, had diy'ed a pair of overalls into shortalls.  i thought i would channel rosie the riveter and go with a bandana and my take on a construction oufit with these shortalls.  half of my outfit was stolen from jeb, partly because he had the basics i needed and partly because i knew i would get dirty and i didn't want to harm any of my own things.  i am such a selfish girlfriend.  i managed to keep my clothing relatively clean throughout the day and i used a power tool!  this is very exciting event for me.  look mom!!  the last of my photos is me stripping decades of paint off of some gorgeous bronze portholes. (just some proof that i actually did some work.)  all in all a great day with great friends.  looking forward to lying on the bow of that ship all summer long with the beach boys blasting over the stereo.


  1. It's true...I am completely insane. Def the most stylish outfit the Evalyn Ruth has yet seen.

  2. no "we can do it" pose? so appropriate for boat work, i love it!